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At Talitha Zahra, we are committed to providing a pleasant shopping experience, friendly customer service, and superior products. We want to be part of the beautiful moments in your little one’s growth journey.

The Last of us

Baby’s Sleeping Needs

Bedcover Baby Set, Baby Mattress, Baby Blanket, Baby Mosquito Net, Baby Carrier, Pillow Bolster Peyang.

The Last of us

Pregnant and Nursing Mothers’ Needs

Pregnancy Pillow, Nursing Pillow, Nursing Apron, Baby Carrier.

The Last of us

Adult Sleeping Needs

Bedcover Set, Bed Sheet, Pillow, Bolster, Blanket.

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Explore our collection now and make your little one’s sleep more comfortable and adorable with Talitha Zahra. Thank you for choosing us as your baby’s sleeping buddy!

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Sangat Bagus, dan berkwalitas, dan sangat bagus dan empuk, enak banget, kita aja yg dewasa suka banget

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